Welcome to the Assistive Technology WIKI

This site will be used to obtain information and continuing education credit within the Madison Elementary School District.

These courses are currently available for credit:

1_ Assistive Technology Overview
2_ Assistive Technology Consideration
3_Visual Behavioral & Curricular Supports - Using Boardmaker
4_ Visual Supports During Transitions - Using Boardmaker
5_Interactive Activities with IntelliTools Classroom Suite v4
6_Co-Writer SOLO

Process for obtaining continuing education credit:1. Read the three Essential Questions for each session.

2. Watch video and/or explore web pages.

3. Answer Essential Questions in a separate Word document.

4. Write a brief summary and a lesson plan that demonstrates how you could utilize what you have learned in your teaching.

5. Post summary and answers to Essential Questions in Discussion Tab of this Wiki (click on folder link above).

6. E-mail me with your lesson plan: dwagner@msd38.org